Thursday, November 18, 2010

Samuel took this awesome picture down at Dunn Fall's, he is really getting amazing with the camera.

I love the scripture he added to it, it really makes you appreciate Gods beauty.

Photo shoot for "Down By the River" by The Denny Family

Sunday the Denny's came over to a photo shoot for their new cd "Down By the River",  we were pressed for time, so I'm guessing they will be back to do it again. 

The serious shot; Josiah you look extremely intimidating.

The happy shot.

Mishayla, who taught you to do......


Part of the group who was there. It must have been strange to the people driving by to see 17 people coming out of the woods all dressed in church clothes. A lot of people had on black that day; it must have looked like we had a funeral in the woods. 
" ....sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song." 
Only we were there in the afternoon. ;)

I saved the best pictures from that day, you'll have to wait and see when the cd comes out which one's get picked!

Tata for now,

Reformation Day Fun!

Friday, November 5, 2010

October 31, Reformation Day.  The day Martin Luther nailed his 99 thesis to the door of the Gutenberg Church. 
 In honor of the day, we had the Denny's over to eat pizza and we were going to watch "Luther" .  But when Amanda came back from  her Fiddle-icious cast party, her hat became the object of interest. 
 Here, Seth models the Robin Hood hat and red haired wig (this wig has nothing to do with Robin Hood).

This hat/wig inspired us to find ourselves interesting hats (of which we have plenty), which lead Seth to find an entire Robin Hood outfit......... which lead to the whole group of us making outfits. Within 5 minutes of the first hat and wig being produced, we were all in...uh...interesting attire. :)

( Little side note on my brother, when we were only doing hats, I handed him the bonnet, and his attire was chosen for him accordingly. He did not choose his outfit). :)

I have not had that much fun with the Denny's for a very long time. Oh what fun you can have reminiscing old times!

After we were done with dress-up, we watched "Come What May".  Great job Nate and Ryan (we saw your names in the ending credits)!

Night for now,

Good evening everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello, dear readerlings! It has been a while since I last posted, but life at Barton Manor has been very busy of late!

 We took the honey off our six bee hives and extracted about 80 lbs. of honey! We were very blessed by our honey crop this year, we will have enough to get us through till next September and a little more to spare, I think.

The smoker stands ready and waiting to put busy bees to sleep.

Bees on the back window of the suburban- inside.

Swirling frames of honey in the extractor.

We used deep frames for the honey this year and discovered that they get weak in the center and bust if the extractor is spinning too fast.

After a week of moose hunting for the guys, they came home in time for the wedding of Lance Denny and Hannah Wardwell!

 They had a very nice wedding and reception, after which we headed down to Massachusetts to the Fourniers!

We wanted a family photo but they didn't come out too well....

This one is NOT going in the Christmas cards!
Oh well, we tried. :)

We went down to MA to say goodbye to our friend's the Thomases who are moving to Oklahoma.
 We enjoyed a few hours of fellowship with them after chuch on Sunday.

The Thomas and Eckerson Families (minus Nate). We miss you Nate!

Mr. Thomas and I discussing the sermon.

Don't look at my book!

Monica obeys all traffic signs. uh-huh.


Go Amanda!

Malena Maira. Miss you!

Becky, Amanda, Emily, Ruthie and Anna got up to 13!

Later some of us went on a walk, there are some trails and obstacle courses out behind church and we wanted to check them out.

 The stairs that lead no where.

The rope swing was the coolest; Matthew gave us some nice entertainment.
We miss you Thomases so much!!!

3 girls on a mission to find us; we didn't know we were wanted!

We went back to the Fourniers and the Millers, Keisers and Tavareses came over for supper.
We had a lovely time of fellowship before we headed back to Maine.

Lilya and Audrey, two cuties!

So long for now, it was so fun visiting you all! 
 Thanks Eckerson's for such a lovely visit the other day! The fellowship, walk in the woods :), discipleship training dvd, supper and experiencing a part of 'monthly grocery shopping for 12' was very fun and I really enjoyed spending time with you all! 
Hope to see you all soon!

Mom is now Fabulous Fifty!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love my mom....... she is one of the most gracious, sweet, loving, gentle and godly women I know. She sets a wonderful example to the girls and women at our church, and is an effervescent spring of joy. She is always willing to lend a hand, to wipe a tear, or to lighten a heartache.

....... and now she is 50!!!!!!! She has turned quite the fashionista! It's pretty sweet, she got her hair styled and I LOVE IT! We went to the thrift shop a couple weeks ago and she got 2 pair of stiletto knee high boot, and I was very shocked when she used the words "cute and comfortable" in the same sentence to describe her opinion of them! ..... wow.
We had a party with church people and some family here Sunday afternoon, with lots of great fellowship and food.
Fifty candles makes for a lot of smoke! 

Tami Chick, Uncle Dennis and Aunt Debbie converse in the kitchen while the rest of us eat. :P
( I think almost every picture I took were of people who had very strange expressions). Sorry!

Had such a fun time with the Denny, Chick, Flecher, and Wardwell families!

Nanny with baby Titus. He is so cute!!!!

We all gathered around mom's swing and stared things we love about her.


Monday, we went to Fort Popham with our church friends for our annual 'Beach Day'.
We got there around 9:30a.m. and had a nice quiet walk down to the point before everyone got there. It was a very windy day, so only the bravest went swimming! We unfortunately have no pictures because we were all having fun playing games and not taking pictures. :( Rhonda said she would share her pictures with us. Thank you!
The waves were spectacular due to a nearby hurricane, I have never seen them so big at Popham before! Amanda and Samuel got there sneakers soaked because a huge one came up unexpectedly and before they knew it it was 10 feet past where they were standing! ooops....

These won't seem that big to most of you, but for Popham, it was not normal.
Trying to balance on a rock that my feet hardly fit on while the wind is blowing quite gustily was um..... interesting.

We played in the Fort for a while after lunch. Josiah and Kayla organized the games, my favorite was the Jelly Bean Relay!!!!!! Oh so fun! (sorry no pictures).
We went home, at 4:00p.m., changed our clothes, got freshened up and then headed over to the St.Pierres for dinner.
Jeannette made a lovely moose stew, it was scrumptious! I brought bread and homemade garlic butter.... apologies for the robust garlic-y flavor, I got a little carried away with my crushing! We all ate it so that no one could complain about another persons breath. :)
Nettie made raspberry cheese danish for dessert; now that was a happy thing! Along with a cake (you way over did your self!)

After dinner we sat around and talked, then some of us migrated down to admire Corey's new beauty.... I hope he gets his moose with it in a few weeks! ( Some of us got our faces a little crispy at the beach, I had a raccoon face for about 5 days after).

I...... I don't know what happened.

Eric chillaxin' on the couch.

Corey doesn't really like his picture taken.....

Interesting expression....

And to end the day.... how to unlock your car when Dad, Mom, and Ruthie's keys are locked inside.
Solution : Enter vehicle via sunroof.


Quote of the Day: " Chocolate milk is like a great big hug." Kevin Barton

So long for now folks! Next up..... robbing beehives!